Our firewood is seasoned hardwood consisting of a mixture of oak, locust, cherry and maple. Using a mix of hardwoods is an excellent choice as different woods have different benefits. For example, oak burns longer than some, but tends to smolder with less flame. It is also harder to get started, and is more expensive. Mixing oak with other fireplace safe hardwoods ensures a beautiful “easy to start” long lasting fire. Our firewood is cut at lengths approximately 16 to 18 inches long.

We also stock a small amount of hickory & cherry wood for cooking.

Please call ahead if you are picking up firewood and would like to be loaded by machine. Our employees are not always on site, so by calling ahead we can arrange to be there for you!


Delivery service is available locally. This service brings your order right to your driveway. Our truck will dump the wood in any safe accessible location that you desire.

NOTE: Dump location is at the discretion of the driver, as we would like to avoid damage to your property and landscaping.